I love this shot - our friendly little Tawny Owl is actually looking up at her handler, who was attempting to remove a leaf which had managed to lodge itself in the Owls eye

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Heard loads of owls outside my accommodation this week at Calvert Trust Kielder, they went on for hours! But a pleasant sound non the less. Credit: Alamy Tawny owl One of the most recognisable calls of any English bird, the tawny’s “twit-twoo” is in fact a duet between a male and female bird. Often you will only hear a “twit” (more like a “ke-wick”) or a “twoo”. Tawnys inhabit a range of woodlands including conifer plantations, notably Kielder in Northumberland.

The Tawny owl is the UK's most familiar and widespread owl. This feathered fliers are nocturnal and rarely seen during the day.

Tawny Owl - Mark Hancox Bird Photography

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 Tawny Owl on 500px by InShot Images - Steve Ennis, Manchester, Uk ☀ Canon EOS 50D-f/5.6-1/160s-200mm-iso250, 1500✱2250px-rating:96.2

wowtastic-nature: “ 💙 Tawny Owl on by InShot Images - Steve Ennis, Manchester, Uk ☀ Canon EOS ”