This is a resource for reviewing Solving Systems of Equations using all 3 methods: Graphing, Elimination and Substitution. 7 problems are set up for the Graphing Method; 6 problems are set up for the Elimination Method; 3 problems are set up for the Substitution Method.

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Systems of Equations Puzzles - Teach Junkie - Encourage solving linear equations by starting out with logic puzzles! Here is a set of 5 systems of linear equations puzzles to print.

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Students will practice the ELIMINATION METHOD for SOLVING SYSTEMS of EQUATIONS in this coloring activity resource. There are 14 problems which become progressively more challenging with some requiring no multiplication, multiplication to one or multiplication to both equations in the system in order to solve.

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Algebra 1 Notes -- how to solve a system of equations by graphing. Flowchart.

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Teaching Systems of Equations with inquiry learning. Students will be doing the thinking- drawing connections and making conclusions to help them learn about systems of equations in a deeper way. My students loved this approach!!!!

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Sorting Activity: Solving Systems of Equations

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This activity and lesson is a great introduction to solving systems of equations. The site has links to tons of additional helpful material. #algebra #mathactivities

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Real world application of systems of equations

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Systems of Equations and poorly written riddles are what get my students' attention. See for yourself. Coin Activity. High School Math. Algebra 1

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What you see here are little booklets with tabs. One each for solving systems by graphing, substitution, and elimination. No staples or glue required to make these. See how...

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