david-talley: From the day we snuck in to the fair :)

david-talley: From the day we snuck in to the fair :) (the heaving surface)

From beach barbecues to summer sunsets, #KeepYourCool at all times with our Cooling Touch bras and women's underwear.

Top 10 Most Hypnotizing Sunset Views

Sunsets at the beach with friends. The sunset is maybe the most beautiful part…

You can hear the laughter and screams just by looking at this photo of The swimming hole. Summer's Coming!

Do a rope swing! this is not the real rope swing at feather river but this pic is nice and reminds me of the good times i shared with friends up there

Sommerzeit ist auch Sternschnuppenzeit. Ein Naturereignis, welches sich keiner entgehen lassen sollte! Wir kuscheln uns gemütlich unter den Sternenhimmel und hoffen, dass vielleicht der ein oder andere Wunsch in Erfüllung geht.

All I want in life is to stargaze. And lots of other things, but mostly stargaze. Also, not during the winter months in Iowa. So mostly not stargazing, but still. I really like watching the stars.

| perfect night with volleyball and friends, yes please

If your party goes into the night, and you've got access to a volleyball net, string Christmas lights through for fun night time volleyball!

This will be us with our boy toys. Ps the guy and girl with thong looking thingys on is you and your boy cause I don't roll like that

Surreal Cloud Photography

I hear the soundtrack I feel the earth I see the stars I hear you lovers and friend s. Camp outdoors hike friends nature wild life love live happy happiness sky vw van like a boho bohemian Bohemia gypsy hippie