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Dej 1 Starověký Řím-umění Centrum pro virtuální a moderní metody a formy vzdělávání na Obchodní akademii T. G. Masaryka, Kostelec nad Orlicí. - ppt stáhnout

Model of a Roman apartment building or Insula

Basic layout of a Roman theatre. Some Roman theatres, constructed of wood, were torn down after the festival for which they were erected concluded. This practice was due to a moratorium on permanent theatre structures that lasted until 55 BCE when the Theatre of Pompey was built with the addition of a temple to avoid the law.


The relief of Nero and Agrippina from Aphrodisias Sebasteion, now in the local museum. This is just a teaser as we will devote a whole cycle of posts to the wonderful reliefs from the Sebasteion soon.


The Aqueduct of Segovia is one of the best-preserved Roman aqueducts in Spain. So well-built was the aqueduct and so studious its maintenance through the Middle Ages that it functioned as a viable water delivery system well into the 20th century. The aqueduct features a total of 167 arches and the granite blocks used in its construction were assembled without the use of mortar.


Daily Life in Ancient Rome - FREE Lesson Plans, Activities, Games


Reconstruction of the Coliseum with a fabric 'roof' or sunshade