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Starověký Egypt a jeho historie - Starověký Egypt

Skutečnost naší doby-část 5(2/2)-Okultismus,starověký egypt a hudební pr...

Skutečnost naší doby-část 5(1/2)-Okultismus,starověký egypt a hudební pr...

Dendera Temple complex, (Ancient Egyptian: Iunet or Tantere; the 19th-century English spelling in most sources, including Belzoni, was Tentyra) is located about 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) south-east of Dendera, Egypt. It is one of the best-preserved temple complexes in Egypt. The area was used as the sixth Nome of Upper Egypt, south of Abydos.


The Giza-pyramids and Giza Necropolis, Egypt, seen from above.


Temple of Dakka (New Sebua, Egypt) Assuan More

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Archaeologists have discovered a tomb in Egypt that would have had a pyramid at its entrance and held the sarcophagus of a scribe named Horemheb.