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Father Crespi and the missing golden artifacts | Ancient Origins


Roman Brooch with Tenth Legion insignia. Bronze, 1st century AD


New Stone Age clay figurine, Pharsala, Thessaly, Greece 5000-4000BC


Father Crespi and the missing golden artifacts. The story of father Crespi is one of the most enigmatic stories ever told - an unknown civilization, unbelievable artifacts, massive amounts of gold, depictions of strange figures connecting America to Sumeria, and symbols belonging to an unknown language. The account of what occurred reveals once again a conspiracy to hide the truth from the eyes of the public.

The Istanbul Rocket. Is this a replica of an ancient single-seat rocket-ship? Hidden away in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum in Turkey for a quarter of a century, it was excavated at Toprakkale, a city known in ancient times as Tuspa, where the kingdom of Urartu reigned briefly over 2500 years ago. The museum curators decided this small artifact must be a forgery because it differs from the era’s style, and more importantly, it looks like a space capsule.


Vanished! The Surprising Things Missing From Ancient Art

Photographs by: Arterra Picture Library, Alamy; Dave G. Houser, Corbis; Chris Howes, incamerastock, Corbis; Arterra Picture Library, Alamy; Yannick Tylle, Corbis


Thousands of artifacts from Father Crespi’s collection in the storage vaults of the Central Bank of Ecuador.


The Voynich Manuscript considered to be 'The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World'. The Manuscript was created in the late 13th century. It is a small, seven by ten inches, but thick, nearly 235 pages. It is written in an unknown script of which there is no known other instance in the world.Despite the efforts of many well known cryptologists and scholars, the book remains unread. There are some claims of decipherment,but to date,none of these can be substantiated with a complete…


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