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Středověké oblečení Gora
14th century gown Herjolfsnes-haastemekko / New gown for the Herjolfsnes challenge – Neulakko - natural grey wool
"female musketeer / assassin" by brittrose421 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring art
Merida - Pattern Draft by on @DeviantArt
Cotehardie - Bonus: It's the same gown as Miranda's wearing in the Tempest painting by John William Waterhouse
Renaissance Festival, but too hot to wear...  Lady--Eowyn deviantart
From unkindness313 on tumblr
Esto requeriría una gran cantidad de paciencia que yo no tengo, pero realmente me gustaría probar.
Another typical Telmarian-styled gown. The fashion, as led by the queen, is for relatively simple gowns for daywear.