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Oh hey I'm pre-pharm and I have no life besides Chem and Bio.

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Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Not just a teen post kiddos! This is creepy to everyone, lol.

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this is a definition of an honors student. Tumblr i dont know what i did but it worked

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With the problem with my teachers is that they talk too fucking much. I'll zone out for a second and then come back, they're already on another planet. Like wtf

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I have officially decided that the staircase in james to the newsroom is my replacement for the stairstepper at the gym...

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Fun statistics for adults!

Statistics for adults who've graduated college. Times have changed.

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High School Problems....oh, I actually had to argue this point with a COLLEGE professor once. Seriously. He was teaching the exact same course four times in a row and I was taking 19 hours (5 classes).

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Things Teens do and Quotes from different stuffies. We post everything you can…

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