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Springfield Armory to Auction First Chris Kyle TRP Pistol

Springfield Armory Auction of First Chris Kyle TRP to End Live at NRA

1816 Harper's Ferry .69 Caliber Flintlock Musket The Model 1816 Musket was originally produced at Harper's Ferry Arsenal and the Springfield Armory Arsenal. They were produced between 1816 and 1844 copying the design of the 1777

Badass Springfield Armory XD Mod .2 in AlienGear Holster with Deathridge Toothpick, Gurkha Spec Ops Cigar, and Moral Patch.


Springfield Armory WWII Crest Morale Patch Tactical Milspec M1 Garand 1911 CMP

@CrimsonTrace Master Series Lasergrips on a Springfield Armory TRP 1911.


M1 Garand Elemental Firepower Morale Patch M1 Garand, Elemental Firepower, Morale Patch, Sights, Springfield Armory, M1 Garand, Receiver, Morale Patch, Patch, Velcro, Winchester, International Harvester, H&R, 30-06, WWII, Garand, Stock

Springfield Cadet Musket 1858 from the Roebling Collection 2501 Built