Aww! Spock will always be adorable, even Spock Prime is adorable and he's an OLD MAN. Teen-Spock's hoodie is pretty cool too.

My student was shy about being a Nerd, I told her I'm a Nerd too so don't worry! She drew me this

It's that special time of month in every young women's life- oh wait...

I fucking ADORE rational characters who try to uphold themselves to that of an unfeeling machine.and fail.

Spock by AmandaTolleson - This is a painting! I want a print of this and the matching Uhura!

amandatollesonart:Spock by Amanda TollesonFreehand digital painting on corel with oil paint brushes RIP Leonard Nimoy

It's so stupid but utterly hilarious

This had me giggling like an idiot<< hahahahaha I always giggle like an idiot! I mean yeesh get with the program!

100,000,000% accurate summation of that scene.<@kidflash0799 OMG

Thats the face of "well fuck. I ran out of hiding ideas on the last body. Anyone got a lighter?

12 inspirational Spock quotes to live your life by--According to this I am definitely human (LOL).

12 thought-provoking Spock quotes to live your life by

12 inspirational Spock quotes to live your life by. Sometimes the wisest words come from beloved childhood heroes.

Remembering Spock's Wit & Wisdom in 17 Pictures

Remembering Spock's Wit & Wisdom in 17 Pictures



I can see this even from the Original Series, how odd/rebellious he must have seemed to the Vulcans, working in Starfleet instead of the Vulcan Science Academy. Spock to humans, spock to vulcans

I believe that the missing caption is "trololololol".

Love this moment. The famous Spock sass ;) the only emotion this Vulcan ever showed without being influenced by alien things or his best friend!<<<Spock saves his sass for Bones