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Punk Rock SPIKES!!!!! SPIKES!!!!! UUUUHHHH!!!

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PHOENIX. Silver Hair Spikes

The Regal Rose Hair Spikes styled to perfection by @iamchristinabertevello ❤️

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Make a statement in this extreme metal spiked shoulder piece from Jade and John. This piece speaks for itself. Three different sized brass & aluminium spikes tower up from the boned leather base. 2" spikes are brass, 3" and 4" spikes are aluminium. Leather base is a tan colour - pinned by ~ unleash your inner RokStar - fashion, pop and mental health

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One of my favorite things about beardies, their gorgeous spikes on their beard and their belly :)

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Body harness jewelry. Don't think id wear this, but it's too cool to pass up!

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c❍̧venka☥̧i love potentially dangerous accessories

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Converse high tops with spikes and studs, where can I find these I want them now lol

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Dress: wednesday addams, goth, black dress, grunge, dark, collar, make-up, dark lipstick - Wheretoget

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Spike Ear Cuff Wrap - Cuff Chain Earrings - Ear Cuff Spike - Contemporaray Jewelry - Punk Jewelry - Brass Jewelry - Victorian Gothic

Spike Ear Cuff Wrap Cuff Chain Earrings Ear Cuff by MayaHandmade

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3D Geometric Dress - wearable art; paper sculpture dress; experimental fashion design

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