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Five Villains Who Follow the Heroine’s Journey

one of my favorite scenes ever! "Out for a walk...bitch" - Spike #buffythevampireslayer #spike #buffy

Spike and Buffy, this speech brought a tear to my eye when i saw it. its words in some variation that all women need to hear

The season 5 finale also killed me because Buffy sacrificed herself for Dawn, but Spike sobbing was just... so heart-wrenching.

James Marsters... Spike, still my favorite vamp! Pretty much the only vamp I like, and the only one who is so badass, that vampires are not a complete joke!

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Community Post: 13 Reasons Spike From "Buffy" Is The Best Vampire Ever

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Which "Buffy" Character Should You Hook Up With?

Which "Buffy" Character Should You Hook Up With. Somehow I got Spike without trying. It's fate. Hahaha.