Time is a scarce resource here. Not so in Tomorrowland. By their own admission, they developed “technology that will allow living beings the opportunity to weather any unexpected storm. By coaxing a body into temporary stasis, we can preserve any life-form as long as is necessary to repair it. So, no longer will one life, necessarily, be a flash in time. No longer does the end need to be the end.”

The Best Rides at Walt Disney World

Vintage Walt Disney World poster - Space Mountain. Favorite ride growing up! Miss going to florida every year!

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Space Mountain coaster seats.

WDW Space Mountain Train - on my very first trip to WDW, this was the very first ride I went on, and I've loved Space Mtn ever since!

Space Mountain. Omg this is so cute!

Walt Disney World Merchandise Event Snapshot – November 2013 - Space Mountain