Talk about adorable.. love that he's ginger.  I could imagine some watercolor behind him to help give off the floating in space feel

kittehkats: Space Cat the Final Furntier by on Etsy Ground control to Major Tomcat

space cat Art Print

Cute tote bag featuring a cat traveling across the space. She's a space cat! Available at also in a bunch of some other cool products

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34 Cats Who Know It's Better In Space

The only picture I could find of a pb&j that wasn't some variation of a pb&j sandwhich (i. pb&j poke cake)

My God, It's Full Of Cats! The Very Best Artwork Of Cats In Space

My God, It's Full Of Cats! The Very Best Artwork Of Cats In Space


“Ruthven Todd (Pronounced ‘riven’) was a Scottish poet, artist and novelist, best known as an editor of the works of William Blake, and as a writer of children’s books, including Space Cat” - Wikipedia (via Retronaut)

You love pizza and BakerStone loves you.  #bakerstone #pizzamakesmesmile #thinkinsidethebox

Pizza Cat Gifs

New Top Funny Space Cat and Pizza Rectangle Non-Slip Rubber Mouse Pad Mousepad Mat Funny SpaceCat Mousepads

Wallace Edwards - "Space Cat" (2011) 22 x 19.5 watercolor, colored pencil, and gouache

Wallace Edwards - "Space Cat" watercolor, colored pencil, and gouache