some posters and handouts to go with the #Superflex curriculum #autism

Social Thinking (3 of 4)- SUPERFLEX

This Superflex poster colorfully shows the full Team of Unthinkables - from Mean Jean to Energy Hare-y - and how they try to defeat kids'. But Superflex remind us to use our flexible thinking to overcome them!

Expected Behaviors vs. Unexpected Behaviors

Unexpected Behaviors - Could teach children social thinking skills by explaining the expected and unexpected behaviors in any given situation.

Social Thinking home-made cards. Repinned by urban wellness:

Using imagination, imaginary creatures and art to engage children with ASD in work on social and emotional skills. Social Thinking home-made cards, up close

social appropriateness. Michelle Garcia Winner Social Thinking. PS, I'm making these to use with general population adults in daily life. The bus, grocery shopping, restaurants, etc.

Our Clinic Creations: Social Appropriateness Banners. Rate acted out scenarios or selected you tube videos as expected or unexpected behaviors

Do your students have rock brain?  Use some sensory balls and rocks to help your students become more flexible and aware of others' feelings.  A great post if you teach students with special learning needs and social challenges.  Read more at:

How I Use the Social Thinking Curriculum to Teach Flexible Thinking

Do you struggle with teaching your students how to be flexible thinkers? Check out how I use the Superflex curriculum to teach about flexible thinking. - The Autism Vault