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Photographer: Ana Stasia - Mir Foto. Fotograf i TrondheimModel: Catharina Hellberg

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Black Lipstick, White Forehead

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Hakaz Estsan (“Cold Woman”) is the Navajo Goddess of Winter and of cold weather in general. Her main area of influence is the far north. In Navajo belief it is recognized that without this goddess the world would become too hot, causing all living things to die and the oceans, rivers and lakes to boil away. She is depicted naked sitting in the snow. Her tears are the sleet and snow that falls from the sky.

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'The Snow Queen' by Tomislav Tomic

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From the Archives: “Once Upon A Time” in

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The Snow Queen - Collar of crystals on collar and epaulettes of leather and lace . To order

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The Snow Queen, Tristan Elwell on ArtStation at

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The lady of the north, Jack's aunt, she lives far north where barely anyone ever visits. She hides away a great secret. She hides Jack's elder sister who is believed to be dead and protects her from her younger sister's wraths.

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Dress your appearance for more female and traditional wedding flavor, one pair of Wedding Gloves do some difference,$18.00!

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Then he saw it; a clear image of Anala. In all this brightness, there she stood all in white with her grey hair falling past her shoulders. He felt his eyes relax from all the squinting and the glaring. It was as if the light is comforting him.

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