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Manga quote || Mino-dono

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Anime? Manga?

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She reminds me of an anime character I created

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Manga angel || Mino-dono

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Manga || Anime quote || Mino-dono

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Take my hand, don't let me fade away, I beg to see another day, don't let me die today, sad, text, anime hands, grasping, falling; Anime

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Sometimes part of love is losing it.

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inktober day 14: manta ray kishes source: lulusketches . Character Sketch / Drawing Illustration

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Hi I'm Cry baby, welcome to the Academy. I can control people and make them do what I want. Most people are scared of me, but if I were them I would be too.

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Day 6 Anime Want To See But Haven't- There are quite a few I wanna watch still but one of them includes Tokyo Ghoul

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