I was the artist. you were the art. I was suppose to be painting you. but somehow I was the one covered in red laying on the floor


The way you smoke your cigarette can say a lot about the type of person you are.

The Way You Hold Your Cigarette Is A Sure Sign Of Your Inner Self

[Politically incorrect?] Lipstick Stains by Joanna Ference

Valais Blackneck Goat

Joanna Ference - Lipstick Stains Identity is in the details. Inspired by Irving Penn‘s cigarette series, photographer Joanna Ference collects cigarette butts from female friends and strangers,.

Cute grunge alternative couple smoking

How It's Possible To Move On From A Relationship Without Closure

Boy meets girl, girl meets guy and they fall madly in love. Well, at least that's how we wish things played out.

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Photo (I don't want realism.)

Valuable Lessons You Learn From Dating Mr. Wrong

6 Valuable Lessons Learned From Dating Mr. Wrong

Freelance photographer Jared Tyler is another promising teen–like Alex Stoddard, Brian Oldham, and Nicholas Scarpinato–with a creative outlook

Ladies With Cigarettes                                                       …

Ladies With Cigarettes

Angelina Jolie smoking a cigarette. - Rare, classic and historic photographs, pictures, prints photos images for sale. Rights-Managed photo image service.

Kaile’a Mahelona and Rou Huang: Lipstick Lesbians

Dirty talk: la forma de enloquecer a un hombre a través del lenguaje

(Open rp, be the girl on top. I'm an angel and she's a demon) I looked at her, a cigarette clutched gently in her hand. "You see" she whispered "there's two types of people in this world. Those that do bad things, and those who have bad

an innocent face with a mean thought


Winona Ryder I'm only putting real noni photos on here no cheesecake she does have it in her to be beautiful inside again i hope

25 Inventos en negro mate con los que te obsesionarás

25 Inventos en negro mate con los que te obsesionarás

UKRAINIAN SCHOOLGIRLS AND THEIR DREAMS OF 'CLUELESS' By Kristina Podobed and Anastasiia Chorna Models: Anastasiia Chorna, Nastya Anelchyk, Margo Dostoyevskaya

Ukrainian Schoolgirls and Their Dreams of 'Clueless'

vicemag: “ Ukrainian Schoolgirls and Their Dreams of ‘Clueless’ My name is Kristina Podobed, I am a photographer from Odessa, Ukraine. My friends and I did a shoot about the Ukrainian school life.

shameless smoking for great photography; A Study of Light

You can look Younger and be Healthier with these little tips.

Just shut your fuck up

[73 images] La Sélection du Week End n°144

Fuck the weak allah. Fuck the all worthless god. Fuck jesus the rapist. Fuck the child molesting pope. Fuck it all!

Two young children have a drink and smoke aboard a boat in 1955. | 20 Historic Photos Shown In Extraordinary Color

20 Historic Photos Shown In Extraordinary Color

13 year-old Princess Yvonne of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn in Germany next to her 12 year-old brother Prince Alexander aboard a private yacht off the coast of Mallorca in 1955 - Colorized

This is actually very encouraging, I would think, to smokers. Daily Infographic | Smoking Timeline [Infographic]

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking