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Mylo repelentní krém s eukalyptem a tea tree 60 ml

Tantrum-taming essential oil blends great for helping "threenagers" calm down and focus... and great for parents of threenagers, too (for the same reasons). Best oil blend for toddlers and children.

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This is the amazing blend I use on my kiddos every day before and after school. I blend it myself. It helps with focus, stress, fear, meltdowns, calmness, sensory issues, and even sleep. It smells amazing and I even use it myself when need a bit of calming in my day. My Kaleb takes his to school and uses it when he gets stressed out at school.

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How to treat menstrual cramps, postpartum aches, and muscle cramps using essential oils. Layer clary sage, deep blue, and peppermint doTERRA essential oils.

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do it yourself- essential oils brilliance blend- frankincense / lavender / bergamot

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Essential oil blend for Hashimoto's or hypothyroid. I now a few people that might be interested...

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doTERRA Sleep Bomb | Via Pamela Campbell

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