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Slenderman, blood, puppet strings, people; Creepypasta

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Slenderman (that is seriously the scariest/best picture I've ever seen of him!)

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Slender Man will forever be a fear of mine. Good lord..

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Slender man... / iFunny :)

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Where is Ticci-toby<<<he is at slender mansion eating waffles <3

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Run Jeff run!!!

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Don't Turn Around by LittleLuxray

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The Operator (The Slender Man) by

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WHAT. Disney was in it all along! I knew it! <- It's fake

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Two 12-Year-Old Girls Stabbed Their Friend 19 Times, Saying Internet Meme "Slender Man" Told Them To

"Momma, I made a friend in the woods today, but he wouldn't even tell me his name..." Okay, I know I shouldn't say this, but I'm kinda excited for "Marble Hornets" now.

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