Slender Man will forever be a fear of mine. Good lord..

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Slenderman (that is seriously the scariest/best picture I've ever seen of him!)

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Slender Man by

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The Slender Man by Pirate Cashoo Would be terrified if I met him 0.0

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Slendy, bro, we need to talk. You obviously haven't been eating. I know your name is Slenderman but this is a step too far. How can you murder lost woodland travellers with those spindly arms? Yeah. That is what I though.

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Slender Man by

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As much as I dislike Snapchat and selfies in general, this made me chuckle.

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This is for the little kid that got stabbed. Slendy only takes who he wants to take. //I really hope he takes me one day.<<<<<<<<<< WHAT THE CRAP IS UP WITH YOUR MIND YA OBSESSIVE FANGIRL.

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Beware the Slender Man

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Slender Man by

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