Watch this kid, he's gonna be the Ewan MacGregor of the new generation... I'm tellin ya

The beautiful man that is: Skylar Astin

Oh, man... wow. <3 (click for gif) @Jennine Swider This is the moment that I could watch over and over... and look here... they have a nifty gif for it! haha

Skylar Astin Is About To Be Everyone's New Crush

Skylar Astin- Pitch Perfect (Click the link to watch the GIF) my favorite gif in that song cos in that moment, he TOTALLY thinking about Beca, and it is adorable

"You're one of the a cappella girls. I'm one of those a cappella boys, and we're gonna have aca-children. It's inevitable."

14 Things I Need To See In A "Pitch Perfect" Sequel

Skylar Astin. SO CUTE. Just letting y'all know, he was on broadway, in Spring Awakening to be exact. He was Georg. :)

Skylar Astin: Five Things to Know About Pitch Perfect's Love Interest

27 reasons to love Skylar Astin ahhh I love him so much

27 Frustrating Reasons To Fall In Love With Skylar Astin

Skyler Astin I LOVE Pitch Perfect and 21 & Over is hilarious!

I would marry Skylar Astin right now.

Skylar Astin - Pitch Perfect ~i hate your face i wanna smash it and then kiss it all better.

He somehow dances horribly and amazingly at the same time. | 15 Reasons Jesse From “Pitch Perfect” The Boyfriend You Wish You Had

15 Reasons Jesse From "Pitch Perfect" Is The Boyfriend You Wish You Had

pitch perfect! so cuteeeee

is he not like the perfect guy in the movie, where can i find a real guy like him?