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I can't wait till spring to jump again! Cuz this is exactly how it flying!

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The best way to arrive on Rottnest - by parachute of course For the first time ever you can now skydive on Rottnest island with Skydive Geronimo. Get the most spectacular views of Rotto, Perth, Freo and beyond. @skydive.geronimo #thisiswa #westernaustral

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Pretty sure I would be terrified, but I know I would be so exhilarated afterwards! #bucketlist #skydiving

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Skydiving, New Zealand - Travel Adventure

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Something spontaneous that I haven't done yet but have booked to do in a few months is skydiving

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Before I die... if that's what its called, then sure, i'll go zorbing

Before I die... if that's what its called, then sure, i'll go zorbing

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Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à

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"Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up."- Leonardo da Vinci

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A Wealth of Wisdom on Instagram: “Life is too short for regrets. --- Photo: @jayalvarrez”

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Take every risk. Bucket List Spring 2014

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Origami Owl is the best business decision I ever made. #5229 #financial freedom…

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italian-luxury: Diving into the sun by Xavier Leonti

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feel the fear and do it anyway

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Best Places to Skydive Around the World

The best destinations for skydiving around the world! --->

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Mindfulness: Thinking in the given moment and not about the past or imagining the future. This shows mindfulness because this person is living in the moment and not worrying about other things.

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14 Adventures for the Daredevil in You

Glass Skywalking Around Tianmen Mountain, China

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