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There is nothing more beautiful than a horse. Nothing.

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Shire horse - stands up to 20 hands tall, not to be confused with the Gypsy Vanner which is only 13-16 hands tall.

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Admiral. Shire stallion (185 sm, 18.3 hands), that is a big horse

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Cracker, world's tallest Shire horse

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Shire black stallion in harness in the snow.

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Red shire horse in Devon England //Dude. I want to ride this horse... Into battle. Where I kill all the bad guys.

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Shire - stallion Acle Magnum Now THAT'S what I call a Stallion! Totally Awesome creature!

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Shire horse and donkey

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Shire Horse.... If I was super rich I would have a herd of these beauties!!!!

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