Be Fabulous (Or Else) - Shalom Harlow with a cigarette, Paris, 1995.11

*Be Fabulous* (Or Else)

'When I started shooting, I was the only photographer backstage,' Ms Lowit told MailOnline. No one thought it was interesting' (pictured: Shalom Harlow, Paris, - Roxanne Lowit

Gianni Versace, Spring-Summer 1995, Couture

Founded in 1978 by the late Gianni Versace, this Italian design house specializes in sizzling glamour.

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Fashion Music Awards 1996 - October 24 - Gianni Versace Fashion Show - Amber Valletta & Shalom Harlow backstage

Shalom Harlow

PAOLO ROVERSI: Shalom Harlow, photographed the Giorgio Armani Fall 2006 advertising campaign.