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Odin's legendary spear Gungnir, as portrayed in the video game Final Fantasy XII. Not to be used as direct reference but as design inspiration.

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Norse mythology - Skadi

Norse mythology - Skadi

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Waldorf ~ 4th grade ~ Norse Mythology ~ Yggdrasil ~ chalkboard drawing

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Victorian depiction of the vikings - Wagner publicized the myth of the horned helmets in his music and plays

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Severská mytologie – Thór

OVFS_02 by ~dasAoD on deviantART

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Kattahatur á Íslandi - Thor w/ goat-pulled cart/chariot

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Fenrir, in Norse mythology, is the son of Loki and the father of all the wolves. Some of the most well known stories from Fenrir's highlight reel include biting off the hand of the Norse god Tyr, and swallowing Odin WHOLE during the events of Ragnarok. Fenrir is thought to represent darkness, or possibly evil.

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