18 Pics of Twisted Lobs (Long Bobs), the Protective Style Taking Over Instagram

We all know what braided bobs look like as a protective style, twisted lobs (long bobs) just took the bobbed protective style to the next level.

@jai.marii Removed my twist. Today was wash day. All I accomplished was a light detangle & giving myself a hot oil treatment...that has currently been on my head for 50 billion hrs now. Wash day = wash days.Video is up on my channel ab these Senegalese twist. Click the link

16 Senegalese Twists to Try Right Now

Senegalese twists are gorgeous and offer a different take on the current braid trend. Here are 16 styles to rock right now.

MahoganyCurls Senegalese twists

This is my fist time doing them on my hair. It took 8 hours😝😩💫. Stay tuned for the tutorial! PS I used kanekalon hair.

16 Senegalese Twists to Try Right Now

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