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Sarah Bolger: The Lazarus Effect, Into the Badlands, The Tudors, Once Upon a Time, Kiss Me

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Sarah Bolger stars as Princess Aurora! Play Sarah Bolger on CelebHookup now at #SarahBolger #OnceUponaTime #CelebHookup

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Anyone wanna go out to eat somewhere? I'll be paying so

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#beautifulwomen Sarah Bolger

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Sarah Bolger als Annie Rose Clark:) findet meine Story 'Schloss Riddle' auf Wattpad unter dem Benutzernamen 'Pixelbild' :D

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sarah her hair :) which is good, cause it's the same as my natural color!

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I am Amorie, princess of Ackerenia. I will save the human. He is under my protection. He is my responsibility. I can sacrifice my life for him, if I want to.

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Her hair was still in curls from a false night, a night of deceit, in order to fulfill her selfish desires. In the process, she had hurt someone she loved.

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maybe, maybe Adele? something in her just reminds me of her...I think this is actress Sarah Bolger

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