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Samurai Illustrator: Josh Holland

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Water Color Samurai Tattoo On Right Sleeve …

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Misc samurai colored sketch I drew up sometime ago. 8x10 paper, micron, prisma pens and Coptic markers.

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Samurai - Back Tattoo

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Unique awesome amazing hyper realism realistic 3d tattoo tattoos body art cool Bio-mechanical Biomechanical greyscale beautiful male guy full arm back chest sleeve warrior

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Live In Tattoo | Татуировки

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The Samurai Tattoo; The Sword, Colors, Different Variations and Origins

A Samurai tattoo that is just black with the skin as the background will look good. But adding color to the tattoo will really make it stand out. Most Samurais have black hair, but having the profile of the warrior against a colorful background will add drama and intensity to the tattoo and make it truly a unique tattoo. Most Samurai robes are white, but you can add color by filling in the belt or other accessories with color. Even a natural setting with the rich green of plants or a castle…

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