A very popular series for young children, "Sailor Moon" depicts its female characters as very tall, slim girls with pale skin and overtly sexualized outfits (even the smallest of the bunch has an extremely short skirt). This sexualized portrayal of beauty is problematic, since young girls who idolize these characters could be forced to believe that revealing clothing is part of being beautiful, brave, and smart-just like Serena and her friends.

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Sailor Senshi transformation's in SM Crystal III

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Support Sailor Scouts Más

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Sailor Scouts More

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Sailor girls

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Sailor moon transformation items and silver crystal

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Sailor Basic Uniform More Más

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These engagement rings harness the powers of all the Sailor Scouts. | 28 Wedding Proposals Every Geek Dreams Of

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Who needs Disney Princesses ?

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Sailor Senshi

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