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Die Drop-Shot Montage

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Kayak Car Topping Helper (because they can be heavy)

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Rybaření z kajaku ve Skandinávii.


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Pull-Up Strap Handle Kit by SEA-LECT Designs - Maybe this would help me get out instead of 'rolling' out lol

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While anglers can choose from a wide variety of commercial scent products, there’s another alternative that works almost as well. Fill an empty nasal-spray bottle with plain cod liver oil. Squeeze a drop of oil to the tip of the bottle, rub your lure in it and you’re ready to fish. This works especially well with marabou and bucktail jigs, and can sometimes make the difference between lots of bites and none at all.

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GTS Expedition Seat at Kayak Fishing Supplies

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Hobie eVolve

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小J 釣魚BLOG: 自己動手做獨木舟輔助上下載具 DIY Kayak Loader

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