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Cute Boy Things via Polyvore

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He does this after everyone of my classes and my friends think he's insane but I think he's the best

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Cute Boy Things via Polyvore

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"I'm on my period & today I bled through to the couch. When I noticed I started freaking out & my boyfriend told me to go get cleaned up & he would take care of it. When I came back the stain was gone."

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OMG!!!!!! I thought I was the only one who had a bf do this! I actually find it friggin hilarious when he does his girl voice hehe

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Cute Things Guys Do....That We Love❤️#Relationships#Trusper#Tip

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its a girl thing tumblr | just girly things | We Heart It

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What I think when I'm stalking the cute boy in school

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Just Sayin' ;)


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guys just don't know how much girls really do like these little things and this would be the list i hope my next bf finds

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