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5 Easy DIY Router Jigs Every Woodworker Should Have

Router Jig for Perfect Mortises | Woodsmith Tips

Cut perfect dado grooves with this jig. How to use your router and this jig for cutting dadoes.

A routed groove adds interest to flat-panel doors, but finding a way to radius the corners was a mystery to me. This router subbase changes that. First, build a router subbase from 1⁄4" Baltic birch plywood in the shape of an equilateral triangle (one with three equal-length sides). Keep in mind, the distance between the router’s bit and the triangle’s sides equals that between the door’s rails or stiles and the decorative groove. Use the door’s rails and stiles as guides for the subbase…

Rout dead-center dadoes- Personally I'd set it to the edge of the dado, don't need to waste time trying to find the "center"-Zero34


Plane your wood slabs with a Planing Sled that you build

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Complete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking

Live-Edge Table Part 1 – How To Flatten a Slab with a Router