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Rodin - The Thinker - I've loved Rodin for such a long time... I even made a rustic snow sculpture on my front lawn of The Thinker when I was in my teens.

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Rodin. This is probably my favourite piece of art ever. He hasn't just captured the detail of the hands. But the emotion of a lover's touch. It takes my breath away. Pinned from my friend Jenn's blog.

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Bernini - Hades and Proserpina - 1622-23

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Lovers | Auguste Rodin (I haven't found other images of this sculpture so I'm not sure, if someone knows more, write a comment!)

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Musée d'Orsay - Auguste Rodin - The Gate of Hell. Paris, France o- Got to see this in person many years ago.

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Auguste Rodin. Love the hands, always have -- know a photographer that took a series on hands as well. Negatives are around somewhere.

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Auguste Rodin - The Kiss (Le Baiser). One of my faves at the Rodin Museum.

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artistandstudio: Auguste Rodin, 1891 / Sculptor and Abuser of young female ARTISTS whose contribution he took CREDIT FOR. I Loathe this type of PowerMonger.

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Rodin Sculpture, the flow of the form from the material it looks like the subject has just been turned to stone

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