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April Masson on

Definitely!! This course was amazing today.

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Benefits of Attachment Parenting infographic

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4 Baumrind Parenting Styles

Looking deeply at the difference between attachments parenting and gentle parenting...

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Quote (Robert Shaw)

Attachment parenting

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Peaceful parenting, gentle parenting, attachment parenting, meeting baby's needs

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Authoritative Parenting

*What Attachment Parenting is really about* ...& how AP can be ridiculed is truly beyond me. Shouldn't this be how everyone parents? If people rebel against gentle parenting, no wonder the world is in the state that it is. Too sad. :/

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We must do what is right for our babies, long term for our families.

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Discipline vs Punishment - The Science Behind

House Rules - Positive Parenting - Gentle Discipline - Attachment Parenting

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Yes, I have becomeone of "those"moms...breastfeeding,babywearing,cosleeping,attachmentparenting"crazies".

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I love it!... I'll be mindful and I'll be there for my princess every time she needs me ❤️

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