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D Day 1944 Robert Capa (this is NOT a Capa photo: was taken on Omaha Beach by Walter Rosenblum )

[Found out about this photograph from Life is Strange. Hauntingly incredible.] Robert Capa. Spaanse Burgeroorlog 1936.

Robert Capa: 'The best picture I ever took' - a picture from the past

"The Falling Soldier" Spanish Civil War photo taken by Robert Capa. Original title Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano, September 1936

Pablo Picasso e Françoise Gilot nel 1948, fotografati dal grande Robert Capa (Magnum Photos)

Pablo Picasso shelters sweetheart and muse Francoise Gilot, as seen in Veronica Kavass’ Artists in Love.

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Robert Capa © International Center of Photography GERMANY. Near Wesel. March American paratroopers landing in Germany.

Ingrid Bergman by Robert Capa at "Stromboli" set. (this is a correction of the original caption: This is NOT a Capa photo - it was taken by Gordon Parks and it was taken when she was working on 'Stromboli')

Photograph by Gordon Parks “ Ingrid Bergman stands on a street as village women stare at her during filming of the movie, Stromboli, on the Italian island of Stromboli, ”

An American pilot and his kill count. Tunisia, 1943. Robert Capa

A picture that shows an American pilot and his kill count in Tunisia, This picture shows how fighter planes look alike during WWII - Robert Capa

This photograph is one of the most iconic pictures taken during WWII. It was a symbol that the Americans were succeeding in war and specifically that they had won the battle on Iwo Jima. Joe Rosenthal was the talented photographer who snapped this picture. Although he didn't know it at the time, this would become probably the most famous picture from WWII. Rosenthal's personal connection was that this was his job and he was there for this event.

Haunting Images Chronicle 165 Years Of A World At War

Joseph John Rosenthal U. Marines of the Regiment of the Fifth Division raise the American flag atop Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima, on February Photo by Joe Rosenthal.

American paratrooper, 1945 by Robert Capa.

Robert Capa March 1945 France Arras An American Parachutist preparing to board the plane for the jump accross the Rhine River