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Rick Genest is the most beautiful person I have ever seen and I would like to marry him <3

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Top 10 des gens les plus tatoués du monde, ça picote rien que de regarder

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Drawing being a passion of mine, I can see the beauty of this artwork! Amazing!

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"A mortal guise isn't so bad every once and awhile." "You wear him well." He smirked around his cigarette, "I know." #rickgenest #illustration

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RICK GENEST (Canadian artist, actor and fashion model) #zombieboy

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Rick Genest.I've wanted to meet him in person ever since I knew he existed

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Rick Genest & Shaun Ross by Joachim Baldauf | Marvel | Homotography

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Rick Genest / Male Models, Tattoos...SERIOUSLY?! He get's even hotter? My favorite picture of him yet!

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Zombie Boy (Rick Genest) #tatoos #style #fashion

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