Pretty Woman - Richard Gere Because of Savannah by Sarah Patt or

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Richard Gere - A recent pic of him. He is just too cute. Even as he gets older somehow...he still has retained that boyish grin that just says...Want to ride horses on the beach?

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Richard Gere ... Happy Valentine's Day

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Richard Gere, a frequent co-star of Abigail Phelps ~ "One of the few things that truly amused me during that time of my life was taking dance lessons with Richard Gere."

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American-Gigolo : Richard Gere

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Richard Gere. OMG! An officer and a gentleman all in one! He has played some in some bad movies and some good movies. He is a buddist and I am a christian, but I can meet him in the movies.

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Richard Gere on aging. What a great outlook on life.

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Richard Gere - Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock

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richard gere

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