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"Hi this is Susan from planned parent hood, i have Taylor's test results. If you could tell her to give me a call, it's urgent. Thank you!"

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regina george

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Parsimony - frugality, stinginess

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Regina George's House Could Be Yours — For $12M

Regina George's house from "Mean Girls" is on sale — and these photos are INSANE

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Regina George Taught Us Most of the Style Lessons We Learned From Mean Girls

You learned so many style tips from Regina George without even realizing it.

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Regina George's Resources from the movie Mean Girls Throw Pillow

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regina george bedroom - Google Search

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This line plays in my head EVERY single time someone tells me I'm attractive.

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Regina George's Best and Baddest B*tch Moments

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22 Signs You Might Secretly Be Regina George

• I didn't ask for your opinion ❣I asked for Mean Girls on DVD

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