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I love Caboose! My fave quote: "I am so happy that you made it in time to die with me. We will get to be smithereens together!" from my favorite episode "Have we me?" I'm going to go watch it now...

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Best of Tucker

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Broken - I love the alternating blue and gray armor. This is perfect after that dream sequence in the last episode...

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Enemies that became Friends. And Friends that became a Family.

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Grifisms Poster (24" x 36")

Grifisms Poster (24" x 36") $10.95

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Rooster Teeth · Churchisms Poster (24" x 36") - Red vs Blue

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If you have never seen RvB, I can never make you understand how friggin cute this is!!!

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Rooster Teeth · Donutisms Poster (24" x 36")

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