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Red Boston Terrier also sometimes referred to as sorrel coloring is very rare but beautiful! My dog max has a little on him close to his left leg and it is very unique I love it.

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Snow White and the Seven (Dwarfs) Boston Terriers 10x8" Print | Also comes with a Red Boston Terrier *(let me know in the checkout comments if you'd like a Boston Red)* Created, designed and Painted by Brian Rubenacker of rubenacker on Etsy♥🌸♥

I'd love my next Boston to be a ginge! So cute!

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red boston terrier puppies are super cute

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Red Boston Terrier Duvet Cover

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Ginger, the Boston Terrier puppy... | Puppy Love

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Red Boston Terrier with a rose in the mouth!

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boston terriers

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red boston terrier

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aww so cute that looks like my dog

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