Purple martin

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Purple Martin~  adult male! Our purple martins were much thinner. This may be just before he migrates. (they fatten up for the trip). They return to same nest area each year.
9 Reason’s People Fail At Attracting Purple Martins 1. Purple Martin House That Is Placed Too Close To Tall Trees Or In Yards That Are Too Enclosed By Trees Or Shrubs Or Other Obstructions The MAIN reason people fail to attract Purple Martins is that they place their martin house in the wrong place and …

Nine Reasons Why People Fail At Attracting Purple Martins

Purple martin bird house plans, free PDF download, cutting list, and shopping list.

Purple Martin Bird House Plans 16 Units - PDF Download

How to locate & install your purple martin housing system.
great purple martin house
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How to Make a Purple Martin Birdhouse

How to Choose the Correct Location for Purple Martin Housing
Purple martins are one of America’s best-loved birds. Do they call your yard home? To learn how to give them the proper environment to bring their beautiful song and aerial acrobatics to your property, read more now on Gardener’s Path.

How to Attract Purple Martins to Your Garden