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Punk Rock SPIKES!!!!! SPIKES!!!!! UUUUHHHH!!!

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Punk rock

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pop punk string theory <-- except I strongly disagree that five seconds of summer is pop punk. They're just another shitty boy band

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You know what makes me so proud? That 5SOS have earned their way onto a list of bands like this. Where they want to be. But they still aren't punk rock

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Punk guy with mohawk, it's called anarchy arsehole

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Yeah I don't know what has gone wrong with pop culture today. Teaching young woman to exploit their bodies just to look cool or to look lik their favorite celebrities. Men that are worth the time don't care about how much leg and cleavage that your showing. Those real men should care about your personality, your beliefs, your virtues, your goals so THERE!!!!

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23 Pictures That Prove Punks Are Actually Total Softies

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Pretty in Punk

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punk is about revolting against a society that doesn't think you deserve a revolution.

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Chronicles of The Punk Prophet

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