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How to Start Your Story Strong | #Write a beginning that gets to the point and draws readers in. Your #novel should start at the action--the event that sets your story into motion.

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Julie’s Guide to Writing a Novel (12 Stages)

Writing a Novel in 12 Stages. GF... actually the last two stages should be editing and publishing. This process is at least 20 years out of date. Today publishing through an agent/traditional publisher only occurs if you are proven.

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#amWriting | How do you get your story from your mind to the page?

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20 Characters You Need to Start A Novel

9 Surprising Reasons You Need 20 Characters to Start a Book If you think you have nothing to write about in your novel’s first chapter, think again: you have 20 people to introduce, and fast! Harry Potter and The Hunger Games each introduce 19 characters in their first chapter, and Twilight introduces a whopping 24.

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Writing Prompt: The phone rings. The voice on the other end says "We need you again." then hangs up.

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How J.K. Rowling mastered every storytelling medium

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15 Secrets To Writing A Successful Novel As Told By Children's Book Authors

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Craft Your First Story With This Creative Writing Reference Chart

There’s no shortcut to writing a great story. However, there are guidelines that can help get you started if you’ve never done it before. This chart compiles several different forms of advice for beginners into one handy reference.

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Michael Hauge Six Stage Plot Structure - How and Why Dramatica is Different from Six Other Story Paradigms - Story Theory - Dramatica

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Les titres des livres

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