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Swimmer probs... :)ESPECIALLY AFTER PRACTICE!!!!!

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Have this problem all the time!

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OMG ALL THE TIME! Teachers think I am cheating for tests, my friends think I'm weird, frienimies make fun of me.

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Swimmer problems- it's sad when you can tell what pool your in simply by the smell/taste of the water...

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and awkwardly "dolphin kicking" to try and regain speed.

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Bahaha, my friend always asks me why I don't just quit. I'm like, because I love it!!!! She says, "you just spent the last 45 minutes complaining about it.

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I have like permanent bruises from that!!! And people are always like... what did u do to ur legs

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Swimmer Problem 118. why does this always happen to me??

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Yep but you just have to take a deep breath and go

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