My sister is this way. She out eats everybody in the house and still weighs 98 pounds. People all the time ask her if she eats.

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I hate the fact that it's a " Skinny Girl Problems " picture, but I just think it is funny because I was always made to sit in the middle because i was the youngest ;)

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Had that problem especially in elementary when I went through a growth spurt.

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"Skinny girl problem #3:I'm always cold. Unless it's around 80 degrees. Anything below 75 is just nope."

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Skinny Girl Problems Tumblr | Skinny Girl Problems | via Tumblr

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That is literally how almost all of my friends introduced themselves to me

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Screw 'Skinny Girl Problems'. Curvy girls have to deal with this way more. Everything nowadays is tailored for skinny girls.

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Skinny Girl Problem....every time someone does this to me...I want to scream. Don't do it.

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skinny girl problems

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Guess again< I actually am pretty weak and fragile, but not so much where a gust of wind will swoop me away thank god. I won't do contact sports cuz I'll be broken like a toothpick, but I love volleyball and hurdles!

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