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Luna always looks great, but that background is what I'm all about right now. Looks so much like the backgroud from the opening credit in Brave Little Toaster.

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[MLP] Princess Luna Galaxy's Power by on @deviantART

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parasprite | Tags: my little pony friendship is magic parasprite luna princess luna

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my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Ripples in The Night - Click the link, it's a GIF

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Luna vs the tantabus

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Unofficial - My Little Pony and 300 mashup - t-shirt pattern commercial use, limited time offer

Ok, so I realize this is NOT a real pic, but I love the transition of colour in her mane. I would love to see something like that on a person!

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I'm Back - Princess Luna

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I loved to do her sooooo much These May Festival Ponies will be so much fun! The flowers were yellow but then I changed them, she looks so regal with white accessories. My first idea was bridal pon...

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Princess Luna as a Power Pony by 90Sigma on deviantART< her name, The Night Watcher (or Starry Sentinal)

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