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6 studentů v KLDR zahynulo, když při povodni museli zachraňovat portréty diktátora Kima

Parts of the fossilized skull of a Red Deer Cave man: a testament of the wonders of human evolution

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Fresh Ink: Mummified Iceman Has New Tattoo

A diagram of Ötzi showing the locations of his tattoos. The researchers are the first to identify tattoo 15, on the mummy’s right ribcage. Otzi tattoo diagram

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So excited about Home School in the Woods' Middle Ages Passport Project. It's going to be perfect for enhancing our Middle Ages study this year!

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Taung Baby - Australopithecus africanus

This is the image of the Taung Baby, discovered in 1924 by Raymond Dart, and he represents the very first Australopithecus identified.

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Turkana Boy, a 1.5 million year old Homo Ergaster/Homo Erectus from Kenya. He's the most complete early human skeleton known to date. He was 8-14 years old, and died of an abcess in his mouth.

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Australopithecus afarensis, "Lucy", reconstructed skeleton

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Timeline of hominin evolution

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HOMO ERGASTER ( 'The Working Man' (aka African Homo erectus) is a chronospecies of Homo that lived in eastern and southern Africa during the early Pleistocene, between 1.8 million and 1.3 million years ago.

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Kolorovaná mědirytina Aretinovy mapy Čech z roku 1619