6 studentů v KLDR zahynulo, když při povodni museli zachraňovat portréty diktátora Kima

Carnaval 2012 " Etapes Història" - Escola Llibertat - Egipcis

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This is the image of the Taung Baby, discovered in 1924 by Raymond Dart, and he represents the very first Australopithecus identified.

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Timeline of hominin evolution

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Z naší vojenské minulosti: Stálé vojsko na starých základech. Seriál vydaný v roce 1938

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Kolorovaná mědirytina Aretinovy mapy Čech z roku 1619

Processing food before eating likely played key role in human evolution

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HOMO ERGASTER (Wikipedia.org) 'The Working Man' (aka African Homo erectus) is a chronospecies of Homo that lived in eastern and southern Africa during the early Pleistocene, between 1.8 million and 1.3 million years ago.

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Peking Man Skull (Homo erectus) | In China? Try www.importedFun.com for award winning kid's science |

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The extinct early human relative dubbed Nutcracker Man, Paranthropus boisei, had much larger teeth (left) than those of modern humans (right), as shown in these casts of two palates. Credit: Melissa Lutz Blouin, University of Arkansas

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