Never will I be able to do ballet, but it will always be the most elegant and beautiful dances out there

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Many Different kinds of pointe shoes, and its amazing how they can make each a perfect fit for any foot

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Top View of a pointe shoe. This article is about the anatomy of a pointe shoe: how shoes are made and used...marvelous!

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" Let them Praise His name with Dancing" ~ Psalm 149:3

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I love the black, but I think if I wore them to normal class, I would fell goth...

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Preserved Emily's first pointe shoes in a Mason Jar.

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some people are embarassed of their dancing ability i say live it out be who you really are and if people make fun of you their just jealous of your true self

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Nutcracker Snow Queen/Snowflake in white. by DesignsEnPointe

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This is true. Not kidding. Dont get me mad with my pointe shoes on. I will kick you in the face, even though I dont look like I can. The girls in sports at my school know.

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I really want to get married in pointe shoes. I guess the first step is to get pointe shoes.

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