Tinker bell

When asked what cartoon character described me i picked tinkerbell. She is short, bossy, and wants to be heard.

Elves Faeries Gnomes:  #Gnome with mushrooms  (Lutin), illustration by godo.

Elves Faeries Gnomes: with mushrooms (Lutin), illustration by godo.

Words to live by! As J.M. Barrie Wrote "Fairies have to be one thing or the other, because being so small they unfortunately have room for one feeling only at a time. They are, however, allowed to change, only it must be a complete change.”

Piss Off Fairies Home and Garden Vintage Metal Sign - Victory Vintage Signs

:: Crafty :: Clay :: cute pixie boy sculptured of polymer clay

Little pixie Nils OOAK made by Tatjana Raum by chopoli on Etsy

Bookshelves and their treasure. by the Picsees ( Books cute pixies reading

"What is a bookshelf other than a treasure chest for a curious mind" - The Picsees.

You would be a Pixie in a fantasy world! Not quite naughty enough for the underworld yet not quite angelic enough for heaven, your spirit would manifest itself within the tiny form of a mischievous pixie stuck on Earth for all eternity. You go against social norms and resist any type of conformity that can constrain your independence, but still find the time to work hard for what you have. As a nocturnal creature you rule the night, often running around pranking helpless humans as a form of…

What Would You Be In A Fantasy World?

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