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5 Short & Easy Day Trips and things to do in Perth, Western Australia.
Perth is the most isolated city in Australia as Adelaide is it's the closest neighbor some 2000 KM away. Here are 7 awesome things to do in Perth Australia.
25 Things to do in Perth Australia >> save this pin for later when you finally cross Australia off your bucket list! |

25 (Awesome) Things to do in Perth Western Australia

10 Must-Do Experiences from Broome to Perth
Look no further than this natural spa in Wyadup. The hidden gem can be found in the #MargaretRiver region of Australia's South West, located only a three hour drive south of #Perth.
Perth, Australia (To some just another city, to me it is considered the furthest point on the globe from home, Miami. 18,316mi. Bandung & Yogyakarta, Indonesia come in 2nd)
15 Things to Do in Perth, Western Australia

Top 15 Things to Do in Perth, Australia

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Gloucester Tree, Pemberton, Western Australia

Top 50 Things to Do in Western Australia

Perth, by night